Fur Garments – the Peak of Fashion. For or Against?

Today almost each reputable designer creates his variant of a fur garment. Clothes and accessories can be designed differently, but there is one thing you should think about: in every case furs of living creatures is used, consequently, an animal dies. The only difference is what particular animal will be chosen and what garment of clothing it will be – a mink jacket, a sheep coat, a fox hood or a raccoon waistcoat.

Do you know that caracul is a fur of little lambs who are killed as newborns. This is done because the fur of a newborn lamb is very curly but on the third day of his life it straightens. The only question is –  Humanity cannot live without curly fur, can it? Our forefathers hunted animals for skin and fur because there was not enough supply of fabric and they had to live in cold months somehow. It was a need. They did not kill more than they needed. If a man had some fur, it meant he had won the fight with a wild animal and, if a man was not cruel to an animal in a fair duel, he could wear the furs without shame. Nowadays people do not even fully understand for what purpose. Obviously this is vanity leading that leads to cruelty. It is easy not to think of a slaughter when these are some other people who do this, but not you. But buying furs you become the accomplice of the slaughter in a way.

None of us would like to wear a garment made of our dog or cat pet? Their furs are silky and pleasant to touch but their eyes are so devoted and loving that this idea has never come to mind. Major part of people are really kind-hearted, but in fact, the idea of cruelty in connection with wearing furs has not seriously occurred to them. ‘”I do because everyone does” or something like that can be he answer, but there is no profound understanding of what happens and no awareness of responsibility.


We should take a moment to re-think our attitude to this serious question and never take it as a shallow-minded person showing off in furs.

If you want to feel luxury on you or give a good present or own something special – there is always an alternative… Let’s think… A diamond! It is a luxurious jewel not everyone can afford, so you will feel your superiority (superiority is not always bad). It will serve you for years becoming more expensive (really a good investment) in comparison with furs that can be worn less than in a half of a year and become worse year by year.

Fashion can be different. Take a moment to think what fashion you choose!

Chic faux fur black coat Gorgeous artificial fur white jacket

We should remember that we are responsible for animals lives because fashion totally depends on the demand of the public as the demand gives rise to the supply. Thus, if people do not admire fur garments and do not buy them, no one will produce them.

Artificial furs can be really a good choice as modern technologies in making faux furs are perfect. For those, suffering from allergy, artificial fur is a good choice. Besides, the mole won’t spoil it.

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One Response to Fur Garments – the Peak of Fashion. For or Against?

  • erica says:

    REAL fur just screams of animal cruelty. Recently my mom came into my house with a coat with fur trim. I checked the label to make sure it was real. I was very upset that she came into my house wearing fur – she knows how much I hate it. I asked her to remove it and leave it in the car. There is no reason to wear real fur. It is animal cruelty in the name of fashion.

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